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edsheerannet - An Ed Sheeran Network

((hiii i’m not really sure with what i’m doing and this is probably gonna be a massive failure but idk i’m gonna go for it anyway))

  • mbf me!
  • reblog this post as many times as you like (like for a bookmark only!)
  • fill out this survey
  • must be willing to have the network link/badge displayed somewhere on your blog
what i'm looking for:
  • an active ed sheeran blog
  • a nice and friendly blogger :D
  • a good theme would be nice as well
  • people who are willing to help each other (duh)
if you made it you'll get:
  • a message from me asking for an icon and description (for the network page woop woop)
  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • new friends to talk/fangirl with yay
  • help with infos about ed, edits, fanfictions, arts, voting, promos, notes on ur posts, selfies reblog, and many more
  • advice on personal issues (depression, self harm, family, etc)
  • endless love from other members as well
  • friENDS

i’ll choose around 10-20 people or more idk (yeah right aisha, like people would actually join and be ur friends ha ha hA -sobs-) we’re gonna be a big family ok goodluck!! x


'got sent this video of Stanley giving graham a bath'



Anonymous asked:

link to your fanfic and any other good ones?


you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into here, love

ok, mine first i guess:

then these are my absolute faves, 10/10, A+++, 100% recommended:

  • maybe-ed // her fanfic on wattpad is super cute and you should all go and read it (if you know me then you know i hate wattpad more than i hate anything ever. I went on wattpad for this story so you know it’s fabby fab fab!)
  • iwritethingsaboutedsheeran // just about everything Chelle writes is literally perfection so i’m not going to link individual things (eg oneshots, series) bc you seriously need to check out everything she’s ever written ever! BUUUT, Chelle was the chick who wrote the oneshot Ed read on the radio, so go read that beauty :)
  • sheeranfantasies // Mel is one of my closest friends ever, and one of the people i’ve known longest on this site. All her writing is amazing, so go read every single thing on her blog because i adored her writing style and she’s a top notch babe x
  • prince9inch // Gabby is a really funny girl and you can see that in her writing because it’s perf and i adore it v v much so go read her stuff as well, yes 
  • anothedsheeranfanfic // Tori was one of the first fanfic blogs, like me, and i’ve read every single chapter of Ed and Lauren or whatever is was called. she hasn’t updated in yonks but you should still read her (uncompleted) story. don’t worry, it’s like 70 chapters long, and if some aren’t linked, look in the archive! 
  • edandfleur // now this particular (anonymous) lady happens to be one of my favourite people in the entire universe. her writing has the best style ever, and she took over Ed and Poppy for me for a while. she’s in uni now and super busy so the blog is inactive but everything is still there so go and read my fav persons work!
  • our-boy-ed-sheeran // Joss is a babe and she was one of the first as well :) she is lovely and you should read Ed and Cora bc it’s perf
  • howtotrainyourginger // she writes mature oneshots and they are the best things i’ve ever read in my life. she’s one of the best writers on here and i have a lot of respect with the way she deals with (stupid) people. so yeah, definitely read everything on her blog! 
  • tasteyourwine // the newest fanfic blog like, ever, but i instantly fell in love. literally only part one to a oneshot but im hooked and i reckon you will be too. plus the owners sweet and i like her lots
  • holysheerios //liv is fucking perfect and every word she types is literary genius and i recommend her more than i would recommend myself. her work is absolutely stunning and i’m very jealous of her writing skills.
  • edandbel // really new and really cute and really really amazing (my favourite at the moment by far!)

i know you didn’t ask for my analysis of every blog i like or whatever, but it’s nicer to know a little about them before you dive straight in. Have fun reading their beautiful and talented work, and let me know what you think of mine, if you have time :)

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